NFL Passer Rating Historically Adjusted (thru 2022)

Every few years, we post the historically adjusted NFL Passer ratings.

As we all know, QB ratings have been rising steadily for 50 years with just a few minor regressions for years here or there.

All this does is take a 7-year rolling average of passer ratings dating back 50 years and adjust it to today’s ratings.

It is amazing how this adjustment immediately stacks the Hall of Famers (or future HOFers) to the top.

Our Staubach vaults all the way into the top 7, for example.

It does not mean who is best, but in most cases, it does highlight good/great careers.

Here are te top 40 (5 year, 80 game min)

  1. Graham (Hall of Fame)
  2. Young (HOF)
  3. Montana (HOF)
  4. Dawson (HOF)
  5. Jorgenson (HOF)
  6. Rodgers (future HOF)
  7. Staubach (HOF)
  8. Mahomes (future HOF)
  9. Starr (HOF)
  10. Tarkenton (HOF)
  11. Anderson (should be HOF)
  12. Warner (HOF)
  13. Brees (future HOF)
  14. P Manning (HOF)
  15. Romo…nope
  16. Unitas (HOF)
  17. Brady (future HOF)
  18. Fouts (HOF)
  19. Wilson (??futre HOF?)
  20. B Jones.
  21. Marino (HOF)
  22. White
  23. Griese (HOF)
  24. Garcia.
  25. Pennington
  26. Morton
  27. Rivers
  28. Kelly (HOF)
  29. Cousins
  30. Prescott
  31. Van Brocklin
  32. Theismann
  33. Lomax
  34. Stabler (HOF)
  35. Meredith
  36. Ryan
  37. Gabriel (should be HOF, imo)
  38. YA Tittle (HOF)
  39. Morrell
  40. Roethlisberger (future HOF?)

As always, Aikman tends to not rank high due to the heavy run offense he was in. It is what it is…

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