Why did this FO let the Eagles get Hargrave, Joseph, and Suh?

I just don’t understand this FO and their approach to the DT position. They have allowed their chief rival to lap them over and over again at this key position going back to the 2012 draft (picking Claiborne over Cox).

More recently, Eagles got Javon Hargrave as a FA prior to the 2020 season for a reasonable three-years $39 million. I remember at the time wondering why we weren’t showing any interest in him when our DTs at the time were Tyrone Crawford, Antwaun Woods, Christian Covington, and Trystena Hill? Hargrave has 10 sacks this season. 23 sacks for the Eagles in three seasons.

Then, this year the Eagles aggressively addressed their poor run defense by adding Suh and Joseph to their already talented dline. They have been rewarded for their aggressive approach. The Eagles have the 4th best run defense in the NFL since the addition of those two players.

This is very frustrating.

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