Tyler Smith Is Your Starting LG

Can we stop freaking out about drafting a day 1 starter at LG? The team has shown under McCarthy they are a “best 5” OL team. This means our starters on paper will be:

Smith/Smith/Tyler B/Martin/Steele

Had the team wanted Tyler at LT and Tyron/Steele on the bench they would’ve prioritized a LG. If there’s anything this team drafts for it’s need.

You get Farniok and Chuma as your IOL depth and Waletzko as your 4th T. With multiple injuries Tyler Smith would slide out to T while Farniok/Chuma/day 3 draft pick would battle it out to be the first one in if there’s an issue on the IOL.

The key is Waletzko being the swing I think he can be and the team says he can be. If so we are fine at OL.

T’s: Smith, Smith, Steele, Wally

G’s: ZM, Smith, Chuma, Farniok, (day 3 pick)

G/C: Tyler B, Farniok

Is that not a deep OL? Again, you have to see it from the lense that Tyler Smith is starting which all signs are pointing to. With a draft pick that’s 11 OL.

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