Players to bring onto the coaching staff next season

Before anyone says "not all players make good coaches." I know that already.

So now that we got that out of the way hear me out.

There are 2 ex players that I would love to bring in and put on the coaching staff even if its as an assistant.

Player 1- Travis Frederick. We have been feeling his loss every since he got his diagnosis, but what stuck out to me the season he sat out was what he did that season. He stayed on the sidelines with a headset helping coach up the OL. Lets not forget that Travis is was a stud on the field but was also a student of the game, and a very smart dude. He has an engineering degree and scored a 34 on the wonderlic. His line calls were also almost always perfect. I think he would be a great mentor for the younger guys who are already playing well.

Player 2 – Sean Lee. This man unfortunately couldn't stay healthy but man his brain and heart were incredible. He would die on the field if it meant helping his team win. Bringing in a guy with his passion and his mind into the LB room would be something that could take guys like Cox and Clark to the next level. His ability to process was second to none and his feel for games was also incredible. I still remember that Philly game where he was literally everywhere. He know what the Eagles were doing before the snap that entire game. He spent that week devouring film and was ready. That passion would go a long way. He was always called the coach on the field and I think its time to bring him into the fold.

I know that not all ex players make great or even good coaches but these 2 particular players I believe have the knowledge and passion that could translate to the young players on this current team.

What are your thoughts?

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