Overcoming injuries has been big this season

The Anthony Brown season-ending injury got me to thinking about how well we've done at overcoming injuries this season. Usually, it seems like losing any starter for any period of time derails our season.

This year, we started off without our starting All-Pro left tackle and our projected No. 2 and No. 3 receivers. We had to go five games without our starting quarterback. Our starting running back has missed games. Our starting tight end has missed games. Our starting left guard also has missed some time. And there's probably a few that I'm forgetting.

And that's just the offense. On defense, we're now missing our No. 2 and No. 3 corners (and we'll see how we handle that). But we've also had to do without our third linebacker (Barr) and one of our best players on defense last year (safety Jayron Kearse) for periods of time. Various other players have missed a game here and there.

We even lost our veteran long snapper for the season and haven't really missed a beat there. I'm not sure our depth and ability to replace players has been this good since the 1990s.

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