2 things can happen after losing Diggs for the season

So. I was devastated yesterday after hearing the news about Diggs. Not only is he a top player at his position but his voice and attitude in the locker room is going to be a massive loss for this team. Micah thank God will still be there to rally the troops and lead the defense but anyone making it seem like losing Diggs is just a next man up thing are totally out to lunch.

I was of the mind to make a move for a CB immediately as this team has what it takes to go all the way and sitting on our hands is not the way to go in my opinion. However after sleeping on it. I think that may be the way. Hear me out.

This is the kind of injury that can galvanize a team together. Make them rally around their fallen teammate and make them 10 times stronger mentally. I’ve seen this in sports countless times. Most recent memory is the Italian national team in the Euro cup. (yes i know soccer is different) However they lost their star LB (left back for those who dont know) and they rallied around him and won the whole thing. This also happened in my playing days. Soccer not football. I tore my ACL and MCL in the semis of our championship season and the team rallied around me and won the final game. I wont go into detail about my history in soccer but lets just leave it as I was a big part of the team and the captain.

The other side of it is the team loses its focus and starts to implode. I dont see that happening.

Moments like this can make or break your season. And I think this team and its mental makeup with Micah and Coach Mike have what it takes to rally around Diggs and play even harder. McCarthy has been here before. Coincidently in his SB win year, where the lost a lot more than one starter. So he knows what needs to happen.

What say you?

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