I think the Cowboys have another gear

As the title says I think we are yet to peak and have another gear. Here's why:

Tyron Smith is an upgrade. There's been a small drop off from he's very best, and his health has been unreliable for awhile but when he's actually played healthy (not carry anything) I think he's still played at an All-Pro level. The problem the last couple of years is he's struggling with the grind of a full season, and tended to limp over the line (if he makes it) carry a couple of injuries. I really think he's a big improvement over Tyler Smith and we'll see a noticeable difference in pass protection.

Tyler Smith is a better guard than McGovern. This is a bit of a projection and I know that there was talk about Connor Williams winning the LG position coming into the season but I don't actually believe it would have happened, and I think Tyler Smith would have progressed to take it anyway over the course of the season. I just don't think you can account for Tyler's natural power.

Peters is still ridiculously good. I think a bit like Tyron Smith, Peters struggles with the grind of a long season. If he's called on to start I think he's still a better left tackle than Tyler Smith, maybe not after 17 consecutive starts, but with how he's slowly ramped up his workload I think if/when he's on, he'll be on point.

Michael Gallup is still ramping up. I think you can see the week by week improvement in how Gallup plays and IMO he looks like he's only just starting to feel comfortable. Gallup is just 10 months out from surgery now (had it early Feb) and while he obviously worked like a demon and got back early, I don't think the tape he put on the field the first month back was the best of Michael Gallup.

Turpin has a bigger role to play. I really think we'll see an important wrinkle with Turpin busted out at some stage later this season. He's played back to back consecutive seasons in the XFL/NFL so I think McCarthy wanted to manage his workload, but I think we'll find something for him in the playoffs. I also think sooner rather than later he's break out an punt/kick return TD.

Ceedee is building confidence. I think we're seeing Ceedee embrace the no.1 WR mantle and build in presence. He's always had talent, and was already performing at a high level but I feel like he's only just starting to build that chemistry with Dak and feel like it's his team.

The rookies on defense are playing at a high level but still figuring it out. You could probably include Joseph in this too but I feel like the rookies (Williams, Clark, Bland) are still in that adaptation faze figuring out the NFL. They weren't day one starters so haven't yet had the time to bed into the team. These reps they get over the next month as starters will be really important for their development and getting them where they need to be for the playoffs.

McCarthy has managed the teams health. Overall the team is incredibly healthy and I think McCarthy has done a great job managing the health of his team from a big picture perspective. It seems like they are all peaking at the right time of the year and while we have lost Brown and Lewis I actually think we might not see much of a drop off.

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