This team needs to stop taking gambles in the second round

Kelvin Joseph is the latest to prove that taking risks in the second round is a dumb strategy. He was benched in the last game, and that doesn’t include his off-season antics.

Sure he may be talented but if the brain doesn’t match the talent then what’s the point? This is another wasted pick to add to the laundry list of risks taken in the second round by Jerry.

Notable players that were still on the board when Joseph was taken.

Asante Samuel Jr

Walker Little (could help right now with our OL issues)

Rondale Moore

Azeez Ojulari


Dillon Radunz

Nick Bolton (WOW)

Creed Humphrey

Alim McNeil

Jerry needs to stop it with these project picks in the 2nd. I am all for giving a kid a second chance or taking a risk on a guy who is injured (Damone Clark). However. In the second round you need to draft instant starters. Imagine how this team would look right now with any one of those players on it.

Mind boggling.

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