Dallas OL vs. Broncos DL (drive analysis)

First drive

1st-and-10 Dallas 20 — Rico Dowdle up the middle for no gain (Broncos had five players on the line; we were blocking down to the right with two tight ends on the left and one on the right: Ball and Ferguson (mostly Ball) double-team a 3-4 DE, shoved him down the line and back a couple of yards and put him on the ground; Smith goes immediately to the second level and pushes a linebacker further right, but the play was made in the backfield, so the linebacker didn't seem to be trying that hard; Biadasz and the NT stalemate in the middle, with Biadasz getting about a yard of push; McGovern and Steele initially double the other DE and move him out of the way to the right, but McGovern peels too late to pick up a linebacker attacking the gap, who gets in on the play to stuff Dowdle; Dowdle might have had the opportunity to cut outside of McGovern's block if Sprinkle had not been completely defeated by the OLB, who came down the line to make the play; McKeon, lined up on the right, walled off the other OLB.)

2nd-and-10 Dallas 20 — Dowdle 3 yards up the middle, looked like it was a run left, though (Broncos four-man line; offensive line blocking down to left: Ball pinned the OLB to the outside, but he got enough initial push and maintained enough of the edge to force Dowdle to stay inside; Smith and Baidasz pushed the DT five yards up the field, but Biadasz didn't peel fast enough to pick up the LB who got in on the play; McGovern and Steele doubled the other DT and pushed him 4 yards upfield, but McGovern couldn't get off the block to get a LB on the second level who was one of three defenders to converge on Dowdle (essentially, the DT "held" McGovern to keep him from making the block; McKeon completely whiffed on blocking the DE, who went around him and made the tackle from the backside)

3rd-and-7 Dallas 23 — Rush incomplete to Tolbert; pass interference flag picked up (plenty of time for Rush against a five-man rush: Ball and Smith sealed off the left side as both defenders tried to go around them to the left; Biadasz's man barely got a push; McGovern kept his man sealed off to the right; Steele's man got the most penetration, but Steele took him deep around Rush, who threw too wide of Tolbert in tight coverage)

Unfortunately, that's all I have time for at the moment. I'll add to this thread when I have time to examine more drives.

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