Thoughts about the Texans!

This is not the so called "trap game", where I feel next week will be more so. Haven't seen the Texans outside of the Giants/Eagle games. Here is what is what I can gather:


-Lovie Smith comes from that Rod Marinelli coaching tree. Undersized front, with cover 2 shells to keep everything in front of them to prevent the big passing plays. Dak must remain patient and take what is given underneath. Not the week to force any throws.

-Think the Cowboys can run the football and wear down this front.

-Pitre the rookie from Baylor, is very talented, but struggles tackling in space. Gave up a huge TD to the Giants due to this.

-Their pass rush is led by Jerry Hughes, they should be able to protect


-Just like last few weeks, stop the run, win the game! Damien Pierce has been the only real offensive weapon for the Texans. Breaks a lot of tackles. Cowboys have another challenge on their hands.

-Their OL is led by Tunsil, but after him they are below average. Couldn't of been more wrong about Kenyon Green, who has really struggled this season, Tyler Smith is night and day better this year.

-Brandon Cooks is the only receiver to worry about and he may not even play, dealing with a nagging calf issue.

Special Teams

-Desmond King can hurt us in the return game, must be careful with him.

As long as Pierce doesn't dominate and the Cowboys don't beat themselves, this game should be over by the 3rd quarter. Just stack up another win and move on the Jacksonville.

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