Only Chance to Win the Super Bowl

Can't believe this is even a thing but it is. Can't believe we are even still a contender but we are. After the Tampa debacle with Dak getting hurt, it looked like it was gonna be a long, sorrowful season. Maybe we'd fall into a win or two over the next 4 or 5 games until our starter came back. With the offseason the Eagles had, it looked like they were gonna win this division before the season was even half way over.

Enter Cooper Rush. Rush Hour. Lean on the defense that is definitely the strength of the team. Don't make mistakes on offense. Let the defense win the games. Cooper Rush and Brett Maher are my two offensive MVPs at this junction of the season. Rush for being the bus driver of an offense that bogs down in the red zone and Maher for making the field goals when called upon, a pretty amazing thing considering where the kicking game was in the preseason.

So now the Cowboys are 4-1 heading into a clash with the hated, undefeated Eagles. Rush with a 4 game winning streak. Dak on the brink of coming back. What to do, what to do? Who starts when Dak is healthy?

I see so much Dak hate from so called Cowboys fans on this board. So much Rush love. Dak is the Anti-christ that's never done nothing in this league, Rush is 5-0 as a starter.

Here's my take. This defense is special. Maybe even with or better that the 90s defense that won us 3 out of 4. Even with an average offense, this defense can lead us to great things this year. Right now, we don't have an average offense. As well as Rush has played to keep us winning games, we have 7 touchdowns in 5 games. That is not a sustainable model for post-season success. Sorry, it isn't. I don't want to waste this defense with a below average offense.

So, we have to bring back Dak to start when he is healthy. Last year we had the number one offense in the league with him at the helm. He has shown for his whole career that he can put up points. We will not be able to win a Super Bowl with Cooper Rush leading this team. That's a fact. Put Dak in and hope that he plays like he has in the past and take some of the pressure off the defense.

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