Lightning in a Bottle or Long Haul?

I know it's early. But we are sitting at 8-3 with an excellent chance to get at least a wild card spot which would put us in the playoffs in back to back years for the first time in forever. We have a relatively easy schedule for the rest of the year so we have a shot at a very high seed which would help us in our Super Bowl aspirations.

My question is whether or not this team is built for the long haul or is it a one year shot and then a rebuild or retool? It looks like the Rams were that one year shot team and are now salary cap strapped and not going to be a factor for a couple years.

My feelings are that this is a relatively young team, especially it's best players which bodes well for the coming seasons. The salary cap is always a consideration and we will probably lose Zeke, Schultz and a few others that we don't wanna lose because of the cap. The good news is that Will McClay and the boys always seem to be able to find cheap talent in the draft to replace those players that move on.

I can see this team staying relevant for another 3 or 4 years because of our youth and drafting prowess as well as already having a franchise quarterback and a superstar on defense. What are your thoughts?

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