The Doomsday title must be earned

I can’t tell you how cool it is to be talking about a potential Doomsday defense again. I’m not going to crown them with Doomsday name until they win at least a conference championship because the three previous Doomsdays all won conference and SB championships. So I’m tapping the brakes on giving them that name in October.

Some are already calling it “Doomsday III” BUT- It would actually be “Doomsday IV”. Here’s some history:

  • Doomsday I- 1966-74– 2 NFC Championships and one Lombardi. Bob Lily was the anchor along with Lee Roy Jordan, Mel Renfro, and Chuck Howley. Lily retired in 74 and so did Jordan and Howley.
  • Doomsday II1975-82– 3 NFC Championships, and a Lombardi- this was led by Randy White, Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones, Cliff Harris, Hollywood Henderson.
  • Doomsday III1991-1996– 3 NFC Championships, 3 Lombardis. Led by Charles Hailey, Russell Maryland, Robert Jones, Deion Sanders, and Darren Woodson.

So if this defense can join the previous 3 Doomsdays, it will be Doomsday IV. But we shouldn’t crown them that until they earn it in the playoffs.

Here’s to hoping in Feb, 2023 we can name them “DOOMSDAY IV”.

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