One thing in Rush’s corner

I am quickly coming to the conclusion either Kellen Moore is in far over his head or being given directions about making sure the QB is the star.

Well, in either case, he can no longer call plays to feature the QB; he must now call them to protect him but that may also present opportunity in that the DC's are not expecting Rush to light it up.

One thing not in his corner is that DC's might sell out to stop the run and force the game into his hands.

However, Cooper Rush does have the two best friends a QB can have, a defense and a run game. Because he doesn't have an OL or WR corps, maybe not even as a passing acquaintance. And he needs Gallup back more than Prescott did.

One thing about it, folks, can't be much worse than that opener because some expectations were high and being the lowest scoring team of the opening weekend stings a little.

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