The problem with acquiring a QB now

Here’s the problem with acquiring a QB now- You cannot just “plug and play” at the QB position. You can acquire a WR or RB or OL or LB and just plug and play. Not the QB. The QB must learn the offense and that takes much more than a week.

Remember in Sept, 2015, Tony Romo broke his collar bone but would be back in November. We had Brandon Weeden as a backup but he was god-awful. Jerry traded a 7th round pick for Matt Cassel, the former competent backup for Tom Brady in New England.

After acquiring Cassel, it took 2-3 weeks before he could play because he had to learn the offense. Even after a few weeks, his grasp of the offense was about to a pre-season game level, which is about 25-50% of the offense.

The bottom line is acquiring a QB during the season in a trade or free agency is very difficult when it comes to preparing them to play quickly. Not saying we shouldn’t be looking. But even if we acquired Jimmy G or some other veteran, it will take some time to get them ready to play.

And…remember…when roster cuts were being made two weeks ago, the Cowboys cut Cooper Rush, Will Grier and the Nooch and not a single team picked them up. The Cowboys already knew before the season started they did not have a good backup QB situation. But this FO is NEVER prepared for a worst case scenario.

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