Mid Season Eval

  • Offense: this team is best suited to move the ball and score points running the ball, quick throws and mixing in some PA shots.
  • Dak has had some good games but the early rust was apprarent – hes a very good QB, but not elite and needs talent around him (like most good QBs) to play to his full potential. This season the pass blocking and lack of WR talent is not helping.
  • The OL is very good at run blocking but struggles in pass protection. Below average in team pass block win rate and whenever the game is close it seems like pressure is in Daks' face on the 3rd down.
  • Pollard is turning into a star and is clearly the best runner on the team.
  • Lamb started off slow but is settling into the WR1 role – just needs to clean up the option routes to get on the same page as Dak.
  • Defense: vastly overrated from early in the season. Run defense is well below average, pass D is declining due to injury but pass rush is strong.
  • Parsons is clearly a star – but appears to be slowing down a little. Is he worn out from too much DE or playing injured? I don't know but firmly believe he needs to play more off the ball LBr and rush on pass downs. He's not built for it and we need a ton of help against the run.
  • Diggs is playing like an all pro this year. LAst year was boom or bust and all the picks were fun but he gave up a TON of yards. This year he has erased the yards.
  • Tank is enjoying a pro bowl caliber season – he's healthy and looks great having someone opposite of him to create some 1:1s.
  • We desperately need DT talent and an upgrade over LVE
  • Turping is a game changer and Maher has been a pleasant surprise

It's been a fun ride so far with us still being 6-3 despite playing with a backup a few weeks. I think we'll make the playoffs via the wild card – but will lose our first game do to our defencies in run defense, pass pro and weapons at WR. The worst part is – all of these were concerns in the off season and the Jones did very little to fix it.

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