How many more years will Dak be a starter?

I’m going to say max is 5 years. It could be much less, and I tend to believe it will be more like 3 more years. The reason I think this is his playing style and injury history.

QB’s that play way into their 30’s are very good at managing a disruptive pocket. They excel at picking apart defenses with precision and timing. That is not Dak’s game. He and the offense as a whole revolves around the rushing attack. Dak can complement a dominant run game by taking advantage of an overzealous defense.

The problem is he has lost noticeable speed and agility-and he was never a fantastic runner to begin with. He has poor take off speed and poor lateral agility (relatively speaking) which will make him a target in the pocket this year and any season that follows it.

I say all this knowing that if he and the team continue to rack up regular season wins (despite next to zero playoff success), he will get several more years to start.

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