Next Week: Mirroring Jalen’s Hurt

It's interesting: I see some fans doubting this team. And I guess I could see why you would do that. After all, the team is a mere 3-1 to the league's perfect 4-0 Philadelphia Eagles, the shiny beacon of the NFC East.

You can doubt the Cowboys.

But I won't.

This team has one thing that I've seen every championship team have since the 1990s era Cowboys.

Remember, it's not always the best team that wins. It's oftentimes the team with the best character and will to win who comes out on top. Every championship team has some kind of identity and character.

I see a certain hunger for winning in this team. And I don't think it matters whether we play Prescott or Cooper Rush, I think we can beat the Eagles with either guy because our defense is that good.

I expect a large dose of Wilson playing the box and other safeties coming down in different schemes to play mirror on Jalen Hurts.

I have one thing to remind Quinn about. When you mirror the running QBs, you've had success. Just put your athletes in the position have success against running QB, and keep them in the right scheme.

I don't want to wish harm on anyone. Not even division rival Jalen Hurts. But if he's not careful, he could end up Jalen Hurt against this speedy, fast and aggressive Cowboys defense.

They may be 4-0. But they are not the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Who's willing to confidently say the Cowboys have a chance next week?

Keep the coaching, rotation and improvement of the interior defensive line up all game, keep the pressure on, stop the run and we win.

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