But Dak has done all this before

I have held the belief since 2016 that Dak was the luckiest man in football. After watching so many dismiss the last 3 weeks by Rush as a 'fluke', or 'bad opposition' or 'luck'… I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane about the times when Dak has managed to win 3 in a row.

So 2016 he gets on the 'hottest' of hot streaks. There is no denying that we were a vastly superior team to most others in 2016. We had a soft schedule and Dak made the most of weapons including the electric Zeke. 10 wins in a row 'won' him the starting spot that is seemingly now his without question for at least four more years.

In 2017 he gets 3 wins in a row twice.. the first trio coming against the hapless 49ers and Commanders plus a decent win against a building Chiefs team. The second trio was again racking up junk yards against the pathetic Skins and Giants and then a nice OT win against the Raiders (who didn't make playoffs). In fact of these 6 wins.. not one was against a playoff bound team.

In 2018 he wins 3 or more times just once in a 'nice' little 5 game streak.. capturing the huge scalps of the Eagles (sans a QB), Falcons, Commanders (sans a QB), a nice win against the Saints and then another win against the Eagles to round it out. Of that run.. Eagles make the Playoffs due to lucky Wildcard.. Saints were a decent team.

2019 he wins 3 in a row only once.. against the Giants, Commanders and Dolphins.. none of whom even sniff the playoffs.

in 2020, Dalton puts together a 3 game win streak against the Bengals, 49ers and Eagles.. none of whom make the playoffs.

In 2021, Dak reels of another nice 5 game win streak.. against the Chargers, Eagles, Panthers, Giants and Patriots. Only the Eagles and Pats make the playoffs.. both as wildcards.

So.. 7 seasons in and Dak has never won three games in a row against teams with a winning record at the time we played them. It was just interesting to see that Dak has literally made a living off beating up on a weak division. I know that it is easy to say.. well Rush only beat Giants and Commanders.. but they look much improved on the past few years. So anyone who is saying that Rush isn't the real deal because of the opposition.. has to acknowledge that by the same token.. Dak has never been the real deal. If Rush beats Rams this week.. he will have achieved something Dak has never.. a win streak of 3 or more that includes 2 out of division teams that have a winning record.

On a side note.. how the fark did our FO pay 40M to a guy that can't beat two teams with a winning record in a row?!!

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