Handle the Dak vs Rush Tension Internally, Coop Rush is a Starter in the League

General Takeaway from the Cowboys vs. Commanders Convincing Win

Firstly, kudos to Mike McCarthy, Kellen Moore, and of course Cooper Rush, et al, and, of course, Dan Quinn, the leaders and 12th man of the Dirty Dozen.

Take Away from Game 4 – QBs & Interpersonal Tension

Tonight, I could visibly see the tension between Cooper Rush and Dak. And the media was shamelessly making a spectacle of it, because that sells. People like showing awkward, extreme moments. That's the new gimmick. Old click bait meet new bait. I hope the team ignores the media drama and click bait trash style journalism that will undoubtedly occur after this week.

Say it Fans; I Support Dak Prescott

Seriously. I will not join the hate wagon. I will not hold grudges against Dak, because he catches undeserved hate from impatient fans who don't understand that football isa team sport. I'd never take away anything from Dak. He was a fourth rounder who has accomplished a lot. But his best years have been just making simple reads and conducting the offense to victories. He's not a bad player. Get over yourself if you're arguing he is.

Reiterating McCarthy's Role in Recent Success

McCarthy has stepped in nicely and shaped up the overall state of the team. Including bringing Kellen Moore up to speed for what the future of this year entailed in the NFL. McCarthy is an orchestrator and Moore is the conductor. No need to be snide to one another. The more genuinely you respect each other on an interpersonal level, and handle this situation, together, the better the outcome because two minds is always better than one. But it's been nice seeing the team handle these issues without spoiling and making it into a spectacle that ruins people's lives. Let them all learn from it from McCarty, from the difficult situation this seasons start has put Dak and Rush in to handling it like mature, healthy adults for the sake of the overall team.

Football can teach you about life because it takes a team. Backups play a role. Starters play a role. And sometimes roles switch. And life turns out differently. We've seen this before. Dak's career is not over, and Rush hasn't necessarily won the spot as the starter. Don't play into that crap this week. Just go in and win; do the job as a team.

Rush's Success Disproves the Bus Driver Myth as "Bad Thing"

I will reiterate: being a bus driver isn't a bad thing. Bus drivers can win games. Bus drivers are smart players who stay cool, calm, and make key plays to guide the whole team to the finish line. Our team is not centered around super stars. Cooper Rush is undefeated — all he does is drive the bus, and wins. The team wins. And I like that. Everyone likes it.

Shout Out to Gallup

In fact, I like something about each of our guys down to the practice squad to be able to make plays on both sides of the ball, at every position on the team for the first time in a long time. I wrote a thread earlier in the year that Gallup was the X-factor, and I would argue he was the ultimate X-factor today, coming in after his injury.

Patience Cooper Rush; Everyone Can See You Will Start for a Team

Cooper Rush played like a top 10 NFL quarterback down the stretch. And I'd say he's not fluke at all.

The patience of Cooper Rush has paid off for not only himself but the team. I for one could see how it's better for Dak to heal on the sidelines while Cooper Rush plays the next two or so games. He has earned them, and I am proud of Cooper Rush.

False Dichotomies, and Troll-like Drama

Don't fall for the media hype. I support both players. End of story.

They are both good quarterbacks in their own right. It doesn't have to be one vs the other.

Rush will start for a team someday. He has really proven how wrong I was for thinking he couldn't get it done in 2022.

Not Matter Who Starts, Dak Earned his Support from Majority of Cowboy Fans

Never forget it. Most fans support Prescott. And it's hard not to like Cooper Rush. So, to reiterate my point, the media will try to shape this great situation into some sort of negative, tabloid-esque dilemma, because that's what sells.

It's up to McCarthy here to attend to these issues so they don't escalate and negatively impact the team's state of overall cohesion.

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