Why I don’t think Sean Payton is coming to Dallas

I know there's consensus among some that Payton is just going to pack his belongings and move to the Cowboys because he lives in Dallas. While this is intriguing, this does not make sense to me. Here are the reasons:

  1. Say what you want about Mike McCarthy, but I like the job he's doing. Yes, his clock management isn't great, but he's still much better than Jason Garrett. Remember, this is the same franchise that had Garrett for about 10 years as a HC. Not to mention the time he was the OC here as well. That's a lot of cleanup Mike had to do, and I think the team is getting better. There definitely seems to be a plan to me.
  2. Sean Payton would cost to much. Remember, he's under contract still with the Saints, and the Saints have made it clear they'll want at least 1 first round pick in exchange. That's not a good move imo. Yes, Sean Payton is a solid HC. However, I don't think he's worth that.
  3. What makes you think Sean Payton WANTS to coach here? Yes, we have a lot of talent. However, let's not forget. Payton HAS coached here. He knows Jerry Jones. How do you know he'd even want to come here?
  4. If Mike didn't work well, why would Sean? Both coaches have had a HOF-QB, and only managed to win one SB. What makes Sean special where Mike isn't?
  5. Most importantly, even if we do move on from Mike, there is a better option imo in the Cowboys own organisation than Sean. Dan Quinn is the man that I think would make the most sense. Think about it. There is a clear change in philosophy on defence. The players are much younger, quicker, and nastier. The team drafted Parsons last year, who is a completely different breed of LB than the Cowboys have had since maybe DWare, who Garrett gets no credit for drafting as he was not here. Prior to that, the best defencive player aside from DWare and Parsons was Charles Haley for the Cowboys. The secondary is taking more chances and are attacking the ball. This NEVER was as prevalent on this team under Garrett, especially under Marinelli. That's no coincidence. That's a change in style and tactics. That's a front office that's listening and respects the opinion of Dan Quinn and clearly believe in him as a coach and, as seen on the defence last year, for good reason. Oh, and let's not forget he was the interim coach against the Saints, and he put on an absolute clinic that game. I think Quinn is the next HC, and rightfully so.
  6. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We've done consecutive offensive-minded HCs in Garrett and Mike. Sean would be another of that mindset. Maybe it's time to try a defencive-minded approach at HC. Mind you, the Cowboys, with the exception of Dave Campo, we've done well with that mindset, especially one that values trenches like Quinn does. Landry did well, obviously. Jimmy Johnson was a defencive-minded coach. Bill Parcells is another, and Wade Phillips did well with us. Perhaps it's time to return to those roots with Quinn if we get rid of Mike.

In conclusion, maybe it's time we change our approach to coaching. I think it's time we go defencive-minded, and we don't have to look to another team for that. We have one here that's done wonders to our defence.

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