My thoughts about today’s ugly win!

It's hard to win in this league, just look what happened to the Bucs today. Just stack up wins, nobody cares how you got them come December.


-Thought the OL really struggle today. Hutchinson gave both our Tackles a lot of trouble all day long. Okudah was also very good today in both the run and the pass.

-Yes, Dak was rusty, but he improved as the game wore on.

-Biggest disappointment was the team's inability to convert many 3rd and shorts. Don't understand, why not just run Zeke up the middle, but Moore gets way too cute. Once the Cowboys got the run game going, they had sustained drives.

-Dalton Shultz is a much better receiver with Dak at QB, thought he had a quality game as a receiver.

-Penalties were an issue today, especially the presnap ones.

-The Noah Brown Fumble was huge prior to the end of the 1st half.


-Even with Swift out, the DL struggled with containing the run. They ran right down our throats late in the 3rd quarter that should of led to a TD. This continues to be a concern.

-Got a huge break when St. Brown left the game as he is their best receiver.

-Thought the Lions OL really was solid, until the Lions had to start passing to catchup. Both their Tackles were very stout.

-Sam Williams had his breakout game, with 2 sacks and a fumble recovery. He is slowly getting there.

-Parsons still has doesn't look right, think he is playing injured.

-Many killed Lve this week, but I thought he had one of his better games.

-Turnovers are why the Cowboys won this game, especially the one at the 1 yard line.

Special Teams

-Turpin almost does it every week, he is going to get a TD at some point.

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