5-2 Realistic and non-bias

Some thoughts on the game

I'm happy for the win, it's all about winning and that goal was achieved today.

The defense still needs some work but they aren't at full strength yet and far from a finished product. They are elite right now and only getting better, especially with turnovers starting to come. They just stopped one of the best offenses in the league today.

Dak had a solid game today. Still had some rust but first full game since January and most important didn't turn the ball over and helped the team get the win.

OL didn't look good in the first half but settled in after half time opening up holes for Zeke/Pollard and gave Dak a little more time to go through progressions.

Receivers were solid as well, dropped some passes that were tough catches but made a couple plays as well. TEs are getting more catches now that Dak is back and congratulations on Hendershot getting his first TD.

Sam Williams is starting to explode on defense, he made plays from both LE and RE. The play where he just stole the ball from Goff was amazing.

Carlos Watkins made a few plays as well.

On defense I thought Barr and Leighton didn't have a good game. Would like to see more speed at the LB spot but I have confidence that Quinn will get Cox involved when he is ready.

Diggs with another pick, he is starting to warm up as is the defense in general with turnovers. Lewis with a pick finally, just hope he is ok after he went down.

Maher was efficient today and Turpin looks close every week to breaking one. That 52 yard punt return needs to get points though even if it's just a FG. Anger didn't have any shank punts today so hopefully he is back on track.

Have to give credit to the coaching staff for making halftime adjustments although they made some mistakes like receiving the ball at first instead of after the half. Moore also needs to learn to QB sneak or just run up the middle in 3rd/4th and short. Stop running east and west or trying to throw from shotgun in those situations.

Overall, just keep winning and improving to get better. Enjoy the win but let's move on to Chicago and go into the bye week with another win

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