My Thoughts 10.18

IMO Dallas will be fine at wr with Dak back. Anybody watching the last 5 games could see Dallas was basically using a 1 read and check down scheme for Rush. You could see because he was always locked on one guy if it wasn't open he was going to the flat. He missed a few wide open guys vs the eagles, never even looked their way. And Rush doesn't have the arm to make they throws. As we saw with them bad late throws that were easily intercepted.

I really think they used the eagles game to see if Rush could replace Dak which is stupid. Dallas was running the ball just as good as the eagles were but they didn't stick with it from the beginning of the game. First drive they go pass and ends the drive with a bad throw by Rush.

I expected a loss vs the eagles because basically it was clear dak wanted to play but the team wanted another game with rush. But even then Dallas gave that game away with untimely penalties. The past 3 games Dallas played smart football but took a step back. Hurts did nothing. I'd say he is a little better than Rush. Next game with Dak it's gonna be another blowout for Dallas of them. Eagles played a game trying to force penalties in key moments. And Dallas bit.

Defense got wore down because Rush played a bad game and the team kept trying to force the pass with him when the run was working.

Dallas is weak inside at lber. And inside on the dl the problem is Dallas likes to over load the side they will bring a overloaded pass rush. So opposing teams will wash them away from the run and run to the weak side religiously. There's usually Vander esch and a safety there instead of an extra DL usually. Dallas has great tacklers in the secondary but there are times where teams get the upper hand and that's where we see them give up big chunks.

Dorrance Armstrong is coming into his own and he's now more consistent than Lawrence.

Noah brown I think is going to blow up with Dak because dak can get him the ball and he can see the field when Rush couldn't.

Dak isn't coming back to the ol that played week one. They're playing alot better and play consistent now. Week one they were a mess.

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