What the Cowboys highly ranked defense could mean

As the Cowboys awesome defense continues to rise in rankings( currently ranked #6 overall) it presents some higher expectations for what was initially considered more of a retooling season by most fans and analysis.

We haven’t had a Cowboys defense ranked this high since 2003 which was Parcells first season and arguably best coaching year with the Cowboys after taking over three straight 5-11 seasons .

McCarthy’s only top 5 defense previously was in 2010 which was his only Super Bowl season with Rodgers and the Packers.

The Cowboys 2022 defense is only giving up 14.9 points a game . You can win a lot of games with those kind of stats . And it looks like we might have not seen the best this defense can play as Rookie Sam Williams is beginning to show his abilities as well.

And if we can get this offense back on track with Prescotts return to closer to average in the league in scoring we could be in a good position heading into the playoffs even if it’s in a Wild Card role.

This defense could make some noise and at least be a tough out. Which even in WC role like we are currently 6th seed could have a better record than a divisional winning opponent we could face in early rounds.

Cowboys top 5 caliber defense presents more hope for making a deeper push in the playoffs than we’d of thought heading into this season . And perhaps if our offense can return to a similar status we could be a more serious threat in the playoffs than we have been in recent years.

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