Turpin and Washington in the Slot with Dak Could Be a Deadly Combo

So I was replying about Turpin the other day, and truth be told it's really all about scheme.

You can't really see Cooper Rush doing a whole lot with Kevante Turpin, because of the limitations of his arm, and the fact that nowadays, defensive backs are bigger, taller and faster than ever, on the whole.

But I can see Turpin and Dak actually being a pretty deadly duo with Turpin. But go back to watch the tape on Turpin last game. Right now, Noah Brown is sort of the utility guy, and I like the other possibilities with Brown in terms of line ups, but he's injured this week. With a guy like Turpin, you have to have an arm, and I think Dak has a better understanding of what players do after the catch, and that's where Turpin would be deadly.

Anyway, I think you simply play Turpin on 20% – 25 percent of your offensive plays, and try to work James Washington in this game. When you consider we should be running 2 TE sets, at least half of the time, (That makes us less predictable)Turpin's playing in the slot maybe 30-35% of each game. That way, it's not so obvious we're going to him if he's sort of a regular player anyway.

Additionally, as some have also said, we should play from under center, almost always with the Eagles. That way, the defense doesn't know whether it's a pass or a run.

Shotgun is more effective late in the game when you're down, and teams know you're passing, because it gives you space, so you theoretically make better decisions. This is how you get Turpin the ball, you have your QB under center and him in the slot.. not in shotgun.

And get those two tight ends involved. I like our trio of Hendershot, Ferguson, and McKeon better than Schultz all day.

McKeon even had him some action in the Eagles game. Was just too little too late. But I love me some tight ends, too.

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