My Knee Jerk Reactions to the Loss

I am not blaming Dak for the last INT that ended the game. That was clearly Brown’s fault. But Dak seems incapable of throwing the ball down the field now. That cannot be good in the long run.

Some of the play calling today was stupid – again. The long bomb on 3rd down and about 5 was just silly. The way Dak is throwing the long ball lately, that play had 0 chance of being successful. Get the 1st down keep the drive alive. Keep the ball out of Lawrence’s hand because the defense is banged up. And score some points.

The OL was bad today, again. They cannot protect Dak in key situations. They missed Terence Steele. Tyron was not that great at RT. He cannot run block the way Steele can.

I never thought I’d say it but the Cowboys need to re-sign LVE. They missed him today. After he went out the defense seemed to begin falling apart. The Jags were clearly attacking the perimeter and Anthony Barr is a liability on those plays. The Jags exposed the Cowboys weakness on defense.

The defense is missing Hankins, Anthony Brown, Jourdan Lewis, LVE, and Armstrong now. It is hard to imagine the defense not struggling without those players. I think the Jags took advantage of all those losses.

Zay Jones kills the Cowboys. It doesn’t matter how is playing CB. Anthony Brown had his worst game of the year last year against the Raiders and Zay Jones.

No pass rush is a big problem with the secondary being banged up. They should have had 3 sacks at least today but let Lawrence out of their grasp.

If the Cowboys made 1 play at the end of the game like Evan Engram made to get out of bounds, they would have won. Kearse not being able to get him down was a game winning play for the Jags. But my question is, where was the rest of the Cowboys team while Kearse was getting dragged across the field. Kearse should have brought him down. and if he did the Jags used their last timeout and the FG never happens. To win Championships you have to make those plays because you have the will to get that guy on the ground and keep the clock moving.

Ultimate knee jerk reaction: The Cowboys don’t win another game this year as long as all those defensive players are out injured. The Cowboys will be in scoring shootouts with everyone now. They will probably make the playoffs because the teams trying to catch them all have tough schedules ahead. But they are 1 and done.

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