Eagle game thoughts

I know it is late in the week and we should be talking about the Giants, but I just got a chance to watch the Eagles game last night. I recorded it so I could play rewind and rewatch certain plays in slo-mo.

I have a few thoughts.

First, everything that could go wrong went wrong for Dallas. I think I saw one break where Dallas got a call from the refs. It was the personal foul penalty called on Byard when it was started by Ferguson. Otherwise, all the other calls seemed to go against them. Nothing there. But also the fumbles that all bounced back to the Eagles. The strip sack by Sam Williams that Hurts recovered was shear luck. The ball was bouncing away from Hurts and Williams tipped it back to him. The last fumble by Swift was also a lot of luck for the Eagles.

The Cowboys dropped 4 passes that I saw. Gallup had one bad one, but so did CeeDee,, Pollard and Ferguson. Two of those drops would have been first downs. The one CeeDee dropped could have been a huge play for Dallas.

I watched the last sack which cost Dallas 11 yards and precious seconds at the end of the game about 15 times. Yeah, Steele got whipped badly again, but I also think Dak could have throw it out of the end zone to avoid the sack and stop the clock. If you watch the play Dak looks at the middle of the field, then attempts to spin out of the pocket. It appears he saw no one open and wanted to extend the play. That is a mistake at that point in the game. He has to throw it away from that position on the field throwing it out of the end zone should have been easy. But he cannot take the sack there. I am not saying it costs us the game but it was a mistake by Dak, IMO.

The penalties! Dallas really needs to work on those penalties. I saw Dallas line up offsides (hands over the blue LOS line) so many times. They were called only once. I have not seen another team that does that as much as the Cowboys. Seems to me this should be easy to correct.

The Cowboys run blocking is awful. But it seems to be one guy misses a block on every play. The 2nd play for the Cowboys was a run up the middle by Pollard behind Tyler Smith. There was a hole, but Pollard was tackled from behind by Reddick who was unblocked for a short gain. The thing is, on the play Tolbert was running across the field to Reddick’s side. Instead of blocking Reddick or at least getting in his way, Tolbert moved out of his way to avoid contact. If he just delayed Reddick the play gains 5 or more yards and it is 3rd and short. I don’t think the problem is Pollard. He looked teh best I have seen of him this season as far as quickness and speed goes.

If you want to know why the Tush Push works for the Eagles and not the Cowboys go back and watch the QB sneak by Dak in the 4th quarter. Watch what happens to Biadasz on the play. He gets stood up and pushed back into Dak. Dak makes the 1st down barely, with a second effort when he shifts a little to his right behind Martin. The guy snapping the ball should be under the pile moving forward, what is he doing standing up in he backfield? We need to look at upgrading the C position next year.

I think Tolbert has game. Not a big sample size but he made some nice moves to get open Sunday.

It is good to be aggressive but maybe sometimes it is better to be smart. The Cowboys had a 4th down and 1 with 11:55 to go in the game. The score was 28-17. Why not kick the FG there and make it a 1 score game. As it turned out the Cowboys turned it over on downs when Schoonmaker came up a few inches short of the goal line.

Of course we have no idea what would have happened had they made it 28-20. The defense seemed to get things under control again by then.

This may be nothing, or it may be something to watch, but the Eagles did not move the football at all after Goedert got hurt. I think losing him is a very big deal for the Eagles offense.

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