Game was lost by everybody

Coaching staff sucked. McCarthy on down were no help before or during game. Kellen Moore play calling in the last 2 minutes laughable at best. TY not available-coaching decision. Kept switching the Oline during the game. Kept running the same run play every time. This line is not the great wall,. Coaching on all levels were just horrific. Lawrence threw quick-short passes all game. We make dak throw the mid passes where the defense is always in his face as he throws. God. Can’t stand Kellen Moore.

Defense… Tank and Micah might as well stayed on the bus. Without Hankins? We have no run defense. Bossman is a JOKE! No heart as far as I’m concerned. Game on the line and you can’t make a stop when it counts.Defense did give us 2 TO’s yet we get 10 points or 6. Jacksonville gets TD’s on ours. One sack in the last 2 minutes? Game OVER!!!! Dallas win. One darn sack is all we needed. Game OVER! Pathetic!!

I only blame Dak for the first int which was-guess again-tipped. The Brown int was on Brown. The ball hit him in the hand. Oline was terrible at pass blocking of which they always are-especially when Dak is playing. Again. Moore continues to be useless as an OC-especially in BIG games. No post- no screens- no slants- no deep goes to the center of the field. Just Dak go back and hopefully you find somebody -somewhere. Back in the day when Troy and Irvin had a 3rd and 4. It was slant all day. Just so dumb how he called the game the last 2minutes. Not even excited about the Philly game. Might be the only game EVER I haven’t watched as a Dallas Cowboy fan. Just not gonna screw my Christmas Eve up. Peace.

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