Ya’ll have got to chill with the overreactions

I understand this is what football fans do, but jeez there is zero perspective in every single one of these threads.

Brown drops the ball and costs us the game…cut Dak, Dak's not the guy, etc…Then it's cut Brown he's not the guy either. Fire Will McClay, This is Mike McCarthy's fault, Kellen Moore, blah blah blah. Many Cowboys fans out here acting like children after a loss. Keep in mind that the Chiefs went to overtime with the Texans today and the overreacting has a lot to do with us struggling against them last week too.

What it really comes down to right now is we have to be able to run the ball and get stops on defense. Today we were running the ball pretty well, but the defense played their worst game. I agree that Kelvin Joseph isn't it. But at the end of the day unless Trayvon Mullen is better then we don't really have a choice. It's not ideal when you lose two starting DB's. Then Vander Esch/Hankins being out really hurt our ability to stop the run. We weren't consistently getting pressure, but also Trevor Lawrence was slippery and hard to bring down and kept extending plays with his legs.

Now on the flip side, we haven't been THAT bad against the run every game. Hopefully we will get Hankins back at some point and Vander Esch as well. We have to do better there, but if we do the biggest concern will be the secondary. Hopefully Mullen comes in and has a shot at starting at some point.

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