Quick Thoughts about the Bucs Game

Too many penalties again. I think there were 4 false start penalties. 3 against Terence Steele.

Too many trick plays that don't work.

Not enough Zeke. He looked good tonight. They should have kept feeding him.

What happened to that thread about Pollard being as good as Zeke blocking? Pollard gave up two sacks tonight with his excellent blitz pickups.

Steele was not very good tonight. One game and I miss La'el Collins – or Doug Free.

So much for Dak starting hot and cooling off after 8 games. Dak looked like it was game 11 tonight. Seriously, I wish Dallas had a $40 million QB.

Not to complain about the refs, but I thought they were going to get tough on downfield contact? The Bucs were literally mauling Cowboys WRs.

The Bucs OL, beat up as it was, did a lot of holding tonight. They also beat up the Cowboys DL.

LVE looked like 2020 LVE tonight.

Anthony Barr did not look like much. Why did they sign him? Give Cox a shot.

I wish the Cowboys would tighten up their coverage against Brady. Take those short passes and intermediate passes away from him. Let him throw deep if he wants. His arm is not what it used to be.

The Cowboys LBs and DBs are not good getting off blocks, or I wish the Cowboys WRs and TEs could block the way the Cowboys LBs and DBs get blocked.

Parsons is getting double and triple teamed some times. So where is DLaw?

Dorance Armstrong is no Randy Gregory.

Most Cowboys players are overrated.

CeeDee is a slot receiver.

Tyler Smith looked good tonight all things considered. I saw one massive pancake of a DT.

Farniok is going to be a good player. I don't know how badly McGovern is hurt but if he misses time it will give Farniok the time to develop into a solid OG. The guy is always looking for someone to block. I saw Steele standing around watching the play a few times tonight.

I am revising my prediction for Dallas's record in 2022. I think they will finish 6-11. That's assuming Dak plays. If he misses significant time, the Cowboys will be drafting in the top 5 again. Jerry will take a WR instead of a QB.

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