My commitment: Forget the sales pitch. I will believe it when it happens

Here’s a not so bold prediction that will happen at the conclusion of the NFL draft next weekend: The Jones front office will sell this upcoming draft class as hard as any in recent history. They know their early exit from the playoffs last year coupled with the almost complete inactivity in free agency has left even the staunchest of Cowboys fans disgruntled and disheartened.

Yeah, the most embarrassing playoff loss in Cowboys history last January left a stink not easily washed out of the Star in one off-season. Not to mention 28 years of embarrassing playoff underachievement. I’m expecting a Jones sales pitch so intense PT Barnum will rise from the grave just to say, “Wow”.

Maybe we will get lucky and have a home run draft. Time will tell. I hope so. But the hard sales pitch is coming regardless. “Step right up folks.“

But most Cowboys fans know by now that the Jones boys’ off-season strategy every year centers more on marketing than it does actual strategic roster building. Honestly if Jerry drafted a one legged RB from Nowhere University he would sell that kid as the next coming of Emmitt Smith and for jersey sales purposes mandate #22 be worn to complete the marketing pitch.

With all the above in mind, here’s my off-season commitment:

  • I will believe results when they happen. Not before.
  • I will NOT buy the sales pitch that is coming. Period. If this team goes 16-1, I won’t “believe” anything until they win multiple playoff games.
  • If the Cowboys turn it around this year and win multiple playoff games for the first time in 3 decades, I will be thrilled. But I will believe it when it happens.

Trust me, a huge sales and marketing roll out is coming. We will be expected to trust in the same guys who gave us the last 28 years. They continue to expect this fan base to believe they know what they’re doing by doing it “their way”. The results speak otherwise.

Did I mention I will believe it when it happens?

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