Why I have optimism for the coming year

There has been a lot of talk about the free agents lost and the lack of signings but a look at the position groups shows that this team might actually be better than the last following the draft and free agency.

CB – lost Gilly gained Diggs – backups gained some experience. If Diggs is fully healed this group could be better than last years even with no additions.

S – lost Kearse Thomas and Bell gained experience. Wilson and Hooker still here. Could easily be better than last year.

LB – lost Vander Eshe gained Hendricks and Overshown and will likely draft another plus Clarke will likely be moved to his natural position. I believe this group will be clearly better.

DT – lost Hankenson and Gallimore. Mazi and OSA are the starters and we will likely add 1 in the draft. If Mazi shows any improvement and the draftee does anything this group could easily be better

DE – lost Fowler and Armstrong. Sam Williams is the key here. It’s time for him to step up. If he reaches his potential even this group could be better. I suspect a FA will be brought in late here as well.

Punter kicker and long snapper will be the same

WR – lost our number 3 but he provided nothing. Tolbert gained a year of experience. We will likely add another. Cooks is more familiar with the offense and the chemistry with Dak seemed to improve as the year went on. This group could easily be better

TE – lost no one. Shoenmaker should contribute something and Stephens will be back. This group should be better.

RB – lost a pretty good one but he was recovering from injury and had his worst year as a pro last year. Will likely add one in the draft early. I fully expect the rushing attack to be improved.

QB – as much as we like to speculate Dak will be here so no change here.

OL – we lost two starters here and this is the one group that could possibly be worse but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s see what it looks like following the draft. C can easily be improved. Replacing Tyron is harder but his availability was always in question. The key to this group might be the RT. If he can return to form him and Martin were opening huge running lanes at one time. I can remember Dak taking a QB sneak for about 20 yards because the right side of the line just blew people up. Even this group has a shot at being improved.

There is hope. IMO

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