Forget your pet cats. We need some DAWGS!

This time of year this board fills with fans’ favorite players we “must” draft. Known as “pet cats”, we all have probably at one time or another had a guy pegged we just had to draft. It can be both fun and annoying depending on one’s perspective.

This year the list of pet cats I’ve seen is long. Tyler Guyton, Amarius Mims, Jackson Powers-Johnson, Jonathan Brooks, Payton Wilson…just to name a few. And maybe we draft one of those guys and it works out. We all can probably agree on that.

BUT…here’s the point of my thread: I don’t care who we draft as long as it’s a DAWG! My definition of a dawg is someone who has impact day one. They start and they have immediate impact of the improvement of this team. With huge holes throughout this team’s roster, the need for guys who can play and play NOW is huge. So please…no Tacos or Mazis…we need some immediate impact!

So whoever we draft starting Thursday, I don’t care if it’s anyone pet cat. Just draft a bunch of DAWGS!

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