Put the blame where it most belongs

I’m not here to defend Dak. He was just flat awful Sun night and deserves a ton of criticism. Kellen Moore? Looked like a middle school coach in his first game. The WRs looked like guys that couldn’t get any separation. Cedee Lamb had 2 receptions on 11 targets. Terrance Steele couldn’t remember a snap count. The defense gave up 6 yards per rush. And on and on…

Those players looked as unprepared as they were in January vs the niners. That has to be on Mike McCarthy. When a team looks completely out of sync and unprepared, look first at the head coach and his assistants. Tampa Bay players said after the game that the Cowboys offensive scheme is easy to defend.

Lots of blame to go around. The players and coaches stunk it up and deserve their fair share of responsibility.

But folks…the blame for the lousy pitiful performance and pathetic state of this entire team we saw Sunday lays firmly at the feet of Jerry and his giggly sidekick son. The horrific smell coming out of AT&T originated from those two.

And what makes me a lot angrier than the players’ and coaches’ sorry performance is the continuing lousy performance of the guys who have THE most power in this organization. And unless I missed it, have taken ZERO responsibility for their failures.

Hearing SJ throw Cedee Lamb under the bus angers me not because Lamb didn’t deserve criticism. It was not hearing the Jones boys take any responsibility for their failure to once again put together a strong roster.

Get mad at Dak, and Cedee and Steele and McCarthy and Kellen if you choose. They deserve it. But get madder at the clowns who never take any personal responsibility for their failures and mistakes. That’s where the lions share of the blame belongs. They want all the credit and zero blame.

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