Fess Up: What were you right and wrong about with the 2022 season

Let’s see who wants to out themselves with three things they predicted that was right and wrong about the season.


1. Tyler Smith will be a stud in the making. Having played D1 college ball and coached junior college football, I’d like to think that I can see potential in players. I said from Day One that Tyler Smith will be the LT of the future and that the staff should just let him play the year at that position. We hit big time with this pick. I argued with a number of posters who thought he should be moved to RT or guard, or even sit and learn. Tyler is the real deal.

2. Either Dak or Moore would be gone at season’s end. Well, bye bye Moore.

3. Connor Williams is a decent player misused by our coaching staff. While he’s not a world beater, he proved he is more than just a JAG with his season in Miami.


1. NFCE order of finish. I picked Dallas–Philly–Commodes–NYG. I missed every part of the order.

2. Jalen Hurts will never be a good passer. As a very vocal member of the Jalen Hurts sucks brigade, I was dead wrong. No need to expand.

3. The overall quality of our defense might mask the DT weakness. Against bad teams it did sometimes; against good teams, we were exposed.

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