My NFC East Prediction

Well, it's time for me to back up my mouth and lay it on the line, whether anyone cares or not.

Dallas 10-7, division champion (5-1 division record)

Philly 10-7, wildcard (4-2 division record)

Washington 7-10 (2-4 division record)

Giants 5-12 (1-5 division record)

Dallas: Why am I picking us to win the division? No, it's not homerism. The most important position on the field is still QB, and we have the best one. Zeke, Pollard, CeeDee, and Schultz are weapons that Dak can rely upon. I know we have issues up front. Our line should be average at best, but average can work with proper scheming. We have seen teams with average lines get to the Super Bowl. No, I'm not saying we are going to the SB, but the line may not be as bad as we think on a weekly basis. Give it three or four weeks to come together. Plus, our division is weak. Little comfort for sure, but it's reality. What does give me pause is when teams take away the inside running game. We simply do not respond well. One thing is certain: Biadiaz must not keep getting shoved into the backfield on passing downs. Dak can't go down, as our backup QB's aren't good.

Our defense may not have the best line, but overall the defense is the best in the division. We play aggressive, and that works out more than not. The linebacking corps may have to carry us a few games, but they are good enough to do so. Our ends will get pressure, this we know. We finally have some size in the middle…well, not massive size but moreso than in the past. Fowler is made for Quinn's schemes and Parsons will terrorize opponents again with a Pro Bowl year. Go Diggs!

ST: Hopefully our kicker doesn't cost us a few games. Punter and return man are excellent.

Philly: Yes, their O-line is superior, arguably the best in the NFL. Their TE is very good. They have two legit WR's (Brown and Smith) and experienced situational WR's to put on the field. But they still have Jalen Hurts throwing the ball, a #1 back that gets hurt every year (Sanders), and two backup RB's that are, well, backups. When Sanders gets his yearly injury, are Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell really good enough as a RBBC? I suppose Hurts is part of that too, as he does run, quite effectively. But ultimately, the QB must throw the ball, and Hurts, until proven otherwise, doesn't do that well. At least they have a capable backup.

On defense, the biggest liability is their coordinator, Jonathan Gannon. He is the anti-Jim Johnson. He runs some of the weakest schemes I've seen in years. With their D-line, upgraded linebackers, and two good corners, they should be all over opponents, not hanging back and letting opposing offensives push them around. Their weak safeties don't help (yes, I know they made a trade with the Saints). If Johnson was their defensive coach, I'd give them 12 wins. Gannon cost them games last year, and he will this year. Maybe he learned after a near revolt in the locker room last year. We will see.

ST: Jake Elloitt is coming off a Pro Bowl year. No kicker issues there. On the other hand, they seemed to have found the one Aussie who stinks punting and kept him. Also, they have no solid returner yet.

Washington: Carson Wentz, this is your last chance to be a starter in the NFL. Having a new rookie RB that showed promise getting shot during a carjacking attempt won't help the cause. They have no proven #1 back. Can Antonio Gibson stay healthy? He looks like he will be their version of Miles Sanders. Their situational backs are good pass catchers but not much of anything else. McLaurin is a superb WR for sure. Logan Thomas is a talented TE. The offensive line is worse than last year, not good for a QB who has lost mobility over the years. They simply don't have enough on that side of the ball.

On defense, their great defensive line was exposed once they didn't have an easy schedule. They were ripped to shreds on third downs, finishing with the 31st worst third down percentage in the league. Their inability to pressure the QB showed in their 28th ranked pass yards per play defense. They don't have game changers in the defensive backfield. Opposing coaches figured out how to stop their D line. I do expect them to improve this year, based on the easier opponents overall on the schedule. Still, I don't see it doing much overall.

ST: Average. Probably won't win or lose many games based on their special teams.

New York Giants: The official dumpster fire of the NCFE, Dave Gettleman made the Joneses look like Ozzie Newsome. That team is gutted and capped out. They did upgrade the offensive line with at least JAG's instead of the turnstiles they used last year. Do you really believe in Daniel Jones? They don't. At least Tyrod Taylor has experience in the backup role, but I doubt few people want to see him leading the team. They will be drafting a QB with their top-5 pick next year. Can Barkley stay healthy? Who knows. WR's are a crapshoot. Kenny Golliday is their #1 WR. Yuck. Sheppard can't stay on the field. The TE position is a festering sore. We outscored then by 272 points last year.

On defense, they do have some talent on the line between Williams and Lawrence. Thibodeaux could be a potential star in the making at LB. Well, that's about it. Defensive backfield? Don't bother looking, you'll scare the kids. They have a good coordinator in Martindale, but not much talent to coordinate. They need Jesus.

ST: Yay, a bright spot. Gano is a good kicker. That's all folks.

Well, that's how I see it. It's between us and the Eagles, again. Although I'm picking us, I won't be surprised if Philly and us reverse finish positions. If Gannon figures out how to run a defense, they will pass us.

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