Jacksonville – A different perspective

I’m bummed about the loss, but for all intents and purposes, the loss is probably of little relevance in the playoff picture. Maybe something good will come if it. It’s easy to gloss over deficiencies when we win, but much harder when we lose.

Having made that disclaimer here are my observations about the Jacksonville game and the Cowboys in general:

1. Dak sucks as a game manager. I don’t care that he led us to 30 plus points. His decision making at critical points in the game are his undoing. It’s not just the interceptions, it’s the low percentage passes on third down, poor situational awareness, and the hero mentality.

It’s going to be hard to win a SB if Dak can’t fix those things. I don’t think Dak has the football IQ to get us over the hump in close games.

2. Kellen Moore is right there with Dak. Dak May be making Kellen Moore look worse or vice versa, but their decision making sucks.

3. DQ has done a pretty good job with the next man up but Joseph is the exception to the rule. What a wasted pick!!!!

4. DQ is going to have to regroup this defense. Way too porous to go anywhere. He must adapt on the fly or this team is one and done in the playoffs.

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