Sports writers and media pundits covering the Cowboys I trust and those I don’t

This is obviously nothing more than my personal opinion. But in today’s glut of sports media that cover the Cowboys almost on an hourly basis, there are some I trust and many I do not. Most of those I trust treat their audience with respect and don’t insult our intelligence. They give credit when it’s earned and also constructively criticize when warranted.

Those I don’t trust seem to think Cowboys fans are mostly middle schoolers capable only of clicking constantly on a story based on how wild it seems to be or how blue the kool aid can be. They are usually willing to lose their credibility and objectivity by kissing up to the Jones family or willing to put out “team approved” story lines about what’s happening at the Star.

THOSE I TRUST (and why)

  • Jon Machota– covers the Cowboys for the Athletic and his work is fact based, uses actual quotes, understands how the cap works, is not a sensationalist and is not afraid to ask a tough question to the Jones.
  • David Moore- a traditional beat writer for the DMN who just reports the facts. He’s knowledgeable, fair, but also doesn’t drink the team koolaid. He’s respected by the players and team for being fair and is usually the first reporter called on by Mike Mac at his pressers.
  • Bob Sturm- a radio host for Dallas’ best sports talk radio station “The Ticket”. He is very knowledgeable about the game, studies Cowboys game film diligently and writes a Substack column on-line about his film study. Not afraid to call the Jones boys out or give them credit as well.
  • Troy Aikman- does a very interesting 15 min spot on “The Ticket” usually the Tuesday after games. He is completely objective and fair to all teams, coaches and players. He has been one of the fairest and best critics of the Jones front office. He is very knowledgeable of the NFL and how the game has evolved. Fans who don’t like him seem to expect him to be “pro-Cowboys” in his commentary role which would be completely inappropriate.


  • Skip Bayless- a sports huckster rather than journalist; Bayless lost all credibility with me when he was covering the Cowboys in the 90s for the old Dallas Times Herald newspaper. He wrote about hearing “rumors” that Troy Aikman was gay, and never produced a shred of anything to back his story. He made it up to sell papers. His pathetic TV show is basically the “National Enquirer“ of sports. He has ZERO credibility with players and coaches. Ask Charles Haley what he thinks of him. Or Troy.
  • Mickey Spagnola- because he is employed by the Cowboys, “never is heard a discouraging word” about the team. His articles are usually the fluffiest of team fluff although occasionally he writes an ok piece. I can forgive him for his team loyalty because of his employer but his famous rude and condescending attitude to other people covering the Cowboys makes him one of the biggest jerks in Dallas.
  • Mike Fisher- a guy who used to be a pretty good sports writer has slowly turned into a Skip Bayless wannabe. His off-season stuff is usually pure click bait with more gossip and innuendo than fact. It’s kind of sad because at one time he was pretty good.

There are more on my TRUST and DON’T TRUST list. I’m sure many will disagree which is cool.

Who do you trust and not trust? And why?

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