No guts no glory

I do not have the patience or desire or time to constantly engage in trolling/bickering with the an opposing viewpoint if there is zero chance in me or them altering viewpoints because of the argument.

I do like to see other opinions and perspectives, which is why I even spend time on the board. So please share your thoughts on the following if you can manage (apologies for a long post).

My general belief is that the Cowboys’ front office main goal as a franchise for the past 3 decades has been to ensure they do not give a “get fired” effort. I’ve worked alongside literally several hundred different people throughout my career and realize the majority out there put an effort that I would categorize as middle of the road effort when compared to the whole spectrum of workers.

Going to the extreme and working as though tomorrow could be your last is usually reserved for a business owner that really needs/desires the business to excel financially. Or for someone desperate to move forward aggressively in their career path. Neither of these profiles fit for the Jones’ family for the last 3 decades.

The big motivator for them is to not finish at the bottom of the standings routinely. That would be potentially damaging to TV ratings and general interest in the squad (which the media, league execs, and team ownership value more than big wins). The current Cowboys’ model is to ensure middle of the road to slightly above average performance.

This is the point where so many on here get into arguments about the squad. Fans are not the ones that must put in the actual extreme work to turn mediocrity into greatness. They are also not the ones risking millions of dollars because of poor or radical decisions.

I am in the category of fans that are okay with awful results in the short term for a better chance at long term great success. I understand that you cannot guarantee long term success with ANY method. I have very little interest in the squad in the current version though. This keep your nose above water at all costs approach is like watching a body slowly decay.

In my opinion, that is how the decision to extend Dak is viewed by many fans. They understand he is not the worst option (even from the staunchest trolls). They probably are like me in that the decision was essentially a front office firm decision to keep the team’s nose above water for the foreseeable future. Without him, the team runs the risk of finishing last place in the division (perhaps for several years). I do not care about that risk (as a fan). I only care about the team putting together a squad that can make a conference championship game 1-2 times a decade and at least one Super Bowl appearance in that time frame (as a fan).

Would you rather make the playoffs 6 times in one decade with 9 out of 10 years finishing above last place (no conference championship games) OR make the playoffs in only 3 years with one super bowl appearance and 1 other conference championship game (but 5 last place finishes)? I’m for the latter option if you cannot tell.

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