Pre-season update – One game left before the season starts

My thoughts based on what I've seen and reports I've read:


  • The defense understands Dan Quinn's defense better than they did this time of year last season.
  • We have a genuine DPOY candidate in Micah
  • We really don't have a weakness in the starting lineup which has simply not been the case in past years. We probably lack a second-star player but we seem to get a really even contribution.
  • Depth is just outstanding across the board. I've got no worries about anybody that will make the roster.
  • I'm starting to wonder if Bohanna is a starter alongside Gallimore. It would be a huge surprise given last year's play by Osa but I haven't heard his name called much and Bohanna looks great.
  • Sam Williams is a bit like Tolbert, the potential is there to see but there are some rookie mistakes that he needs to work through to reach his potential as a player. I think there might be some early lumps to work through, but the talent he's flashing says it'll be worth it in the long run.


  • Tolbert looks like a rookie at a time we need him to be more. As I said with Sam Williams, the talent is there but we're seeing rookie mistakes that make me worry he's being given too much too soon.
  • Ferguson is sneaky good at releasing from blocks into a route. Good ST player, very good blocker for a rookie, but that ability to get the opposition to bite on him blocking before releasing into a route is gonna be real handy in the RedZone.
  • Tyler Smith is a beast. He might pick up some penalties but I'm glad we took him with our first-round pick. He's exactly what the run game needed. It looks like running between the tackles behind Smith is a huge upgrade on Connor Williams and Zeke desperately needs that if he's going to play well enough to keep his spot on the roster.
  • We might as well put out a training cone as a swing tackle. We ain't got one.
  • Farniok might be better than Tyler Biadasz, doubt we'll see it in the regular season though.
  • Noah Brown took the step up last season, he just couldn't beat out Cedric Wilson to see regular snaps because Wilson was damn good. We're seeing it now though and I'm expecting him to be a solid no.3 / no.4 on top of a really good special teams player. I hope we sign him long-term.
  • Turpin is a keeper. He's what we hoped Lucky Whitehead would be but never really was. I hope he has a few packages on offense to compliment the special teams because his speed and elusiveness are special and we need to be creative while waiting for Gallup to get healthy.
  • I got nothing to say about Dak, Zeke, and Pollard and don't want to hear it until we've had a chance to see. Anything that could be said has been said 1 million times now.

I'd love to hear where people agree/disagree or anything I might have missed.

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