Aikman yukking it up on MNF

Is it me or when ESPN decided to pay him all that money did they decide to have he and Buck loosen it up and have Troy play the part of laughing sidekick? He laughs at what Buck says as well as the ref analyst.

Last night he even referenced “staying out of trouble” when they had a shot of the French Quarter. There was definitely something going on between he and Buck with that comment.

I have noticed he has developed this habit of chuckling before he is going explain something that is really not funny. It sounds like forced personality.

ESPN even had them in those funky yellow ABC blazers last week and it was evident they were not happy with that.

I have always liked Aikman’s presentation even when he compliments the Eagles, which causes most here to chant “get a rope”! But this new one does not fit him well.

I think what happened is when they decided to go after him, they wanted a more Romo presentation for their money. Romo is more like having a loquacious buddy sitting on the couch with you watching the game. Aikman has always been a little stiffer than that.

So, I was wondering if others have noticed this change since he went from Fox to ESPN?

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