Managing the QB or Playing with Aggression

Over the last four weeks, and perhaps five, this board has run the gamut of emotions about the Cowboys. Mostly over the QB position. Results have been astonishing, but what caused this month long run of wins? This, I believe is the point of my comments and questions.

Dallas has changed their style of offense over the past month. Prior to the season it was mentioned they wanted to run more. Like every year, most fans here took that with a grain of salt. Yet, the team is running more.

But why?

Is it because they understand the limitations of Rush, taking the game away from him in a sense? Or is this team truly a running machine?

Looking at this seasons stats for Rush, he has not thrown for over 235 yards in any contest. This past week he was limited to 102. In four games – I am leaving off the mop up with the Bucs since he was not included in the game plan – Rush has thrown for 775. Or 193.75 yards per game.

I look over the schedule and believe the coaching staff is limiting his exposure to mistakes. While he did beat both Super Bowl teams from last year, I am not convinced those teams are the same as when they went to the big game.

I recently learned Parcels told Tony Kornheiser someone determining the capability of a team from one year to the next, or player, needs to forget what last year offered. Taking that into consideration, which is a similar outlook to "you are what your win/loss record indicates." Both of those teams are 2-3.

So, the point of this thread is this. Dak will be coming back. While there are those who believe Rush needs to stay at the helm, it appears all the former players who now are analysts clearly state Dak is far better than Rush. I discount people like SAS and Bayless as buffoons who take a position to stir up interest in their product.

If you are ready to tell me I am full of beans, then you argue with the former players. I am merely bringing the information for discussion.

With Dak coming back, will this team open up the offense and play with more aggression? Or will they stick with this dink and dunk and rely on the defense to win games?

I think the offense needs a wide receiver with speed to threaten deep if they choose to go balls out and play an aggressive style. If they stay with what they have, I'm not certain they have the talent to achieve that style.

But then here is the problem with playing it safe. The teams who can stop the run will load up, and this puts pressure on the defense to win because the offense just can't put up the numbers.

My opinion is this will be the problem with the Eagles game coming up. Rush cannot match a team point for point in a shootout. I'm certain there will be pushback on these thoughts, but all the analytics suggest the coaches have been keeping it close to the vest with the Ginger Avenger, and will want to incorporate a more aggressive passing attack when Dak gets back.

Save your breath with the lecture on Dak being useless. This is not about that. It is about the coaching staff and how they will play this game after Dak's return.

Get a player like Beckham who can actually stretch a defense and catch the ball, and this could be a balanced team that runs, but has the ability to score from anywhere on the field. Do not add that piece and this may devolve into stop the run and lets see what your limited QB and WR's can do.

We have seen that results before.

Long post. My apologies. But this is something that requires a bit of thinking. And explanation as to what the future will bring in the way the team game plans.

One last point. The addition of Tyron Smith could move 73 to guard and then this line becomes real meat eaters. Adding Dak to this mix kind of makes this offense a race car, of sorts. How long will Kellen Moore sit back and play a ground game with the protection and passing ability this team would them possess?

And is that the smart way to do it?

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