Enjoy the ride Cowboy fans, our Savior has arrived

We’ve all been waiting for Jethro and this dysfunctional organization to get lucky. And not many have been more critical than I have of this era. Many who have argued with me have said we just need Jethro to get lucky.

I’ve always said you need to know when to recognize when it’s time to appreciate greatness. And that I would welcome leading the cheers once it arrived . Well, I’m here to say our lotto winning ticket has arrived .

Parsons is impacting games like we haven’t seen in this era . We had all been hoping one of our QB’s would be enough to elevate us to greatness which has never happened although they have propped up an otherwise dormant franchise this era . But this kid is a generational talent. He can carry the weight of this franchise.

Our 1st MVP caliber talent since Emmitt. This kid if we can surround him with enough and keep him healthy could take us all the way. Shoot, he’s elevating everyone around . We may not need much more. Just get out of the way and or don’t hinder it.

We have some awesome HOFamers in our history on defense but none single handed who took over games like this. I sit and gaze in disbelief that he’s on our team. And all because our original draft picks were snagged right in front of us. How lucky is that.

We should all get on our knees and be thankful that Jethro’s golden goose may have finally arrived . Hopefully the old coot doesn’t find a way to screw this up.

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