I’m proud of our team

Between a trip to Chicago that I have coming up soon and other things, I have been thinking about our team a bit lately. I've considered what I thought we would be before the season. I've been thinking about how we have looked this season. I thought about the moves that our team made in the offseason, and I looked at the record. I have to say how proud that I am of our team so far.

  1. Think of how things were with Jason Garrett. We had a coach for about 10 years who was pretty much the same thing every year. We struggled with adjustments. When we would play a crucial game, it would usually end with us losing and the game being spun as a "morale victory". So far the last two seasons, we've been winning those crucial games more often than not. I know we haven't won a playoff game yet under Mike McCarthy, but I think that will come. I think the important thing is that, for the most part, the team has done well in massive games. Consider Thanksgiving. Under Jason Garrett, that game would 9 times out of 10 have been a loss with how that game started. Yet, this team hung in there. The defence made key stops, and this team ended up destroying the Giants.
  2. We lost our starting QB for 4 games, and we are 8-3. Under Jason Garrett, we'd have been out of the running for the playoffs if we had lost our starter for that long. Yet, we won more often than not. Well done to our team!
  3. We had a good team going into this season, but I think there were a lot of fans who thought we'd struggle without Amari Cooper. Yet, they've worked out how to do without him. Using the run game more and tight end sets has been our golden ticket, and it's a testament to how well our team adjusted to it and how well the team is doing now.
  4. The division surprisingly became the best division in football, and we're in second place with a very real chance at, not only the division, but the top seed. What? That's absolutely brilliant!!! Especially considering that no team has won back to back division crowns in this division since the 2003 and 2004 season! Legendary stuff from our team! Well done!!
  5. Think where we were in 2020. We were completely finished it seemed. There was a question as to if Dak would even be able to play. Our defence was record-breaking bad. We couldn't stop a sloth. We could barely go a few game without a QB getting injured. We went to our 4th string QB for a game. Yet, look where we are now. We are number one for many good things. We have the best defence in the league. Dak has been playing well overall. Our running game looks incredible. Our tight ends have been absolute legends with how well they work together. Our receivers look incredible compared to where we thought they'd be. Heck, even Brett Maher, who I saw miss kicks against Chicago in his last game on his first stint here, has been incredible! He became the first kicker to connect on 4 60+ yard field goals in his career. That's LEGENDARY good imo. All in all, we've gone from looking like an absolute mess to a potential contender.
  6. Oh, and did I mention that we look poised to go to the playoffs in back to back seasons? We haven't pulled that off since the 2006 and 2007 seasons. That's a good sign too because it means, to me, a winning culture is being built.

I don't know how this season will end. I don't even know how we will look against the Colts. However, I have to say this. Well done to the team! Well done to the coaches! Well done to the Front Office, including Jerry Jones! I'm proud of how we have looked this season. We've kept pace in an incredibly tough division. We absolutely destroyed the Vikings, who only had one loss to that point and beat the Bills on the road. That kept us in range for the top seat. We pulled off a banger of a win against the Giants to complete that sweep. All in all, well done to the Dallas Cowboys so far!!

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