Much better game by run defense

I know Dallas was getting some praise for its run defense against Minnesota, but as some of us have pointed out, it was more of a matter of the Vikings not running as much as they should have despite Cook averaging 6.6 yards per carry against us.

Against New York, the Giants also chose to pass more than I thought they would. They essentially wanted to do like Chicago (which I expected) and put pressure on the free defender to choose between getting after the QB or covering the target in the flat. (I thought Jones would run more in those situations, but I do think we did a better job of contain than we did against the Bears.) However, when they did try to run, they weren't successful overall.

Barkley averaged 3.6 per carry (after averaging 5.8 against us the first time), and really the only success they had was late in the game when they were playing catch-up and ran a couple of times with two backs on the field and using Barkley as a decoy.

Hope we can duplicate that effort against Indy. They've got a good back, but haven't had a consistent run game. We get them to abandon it, and they don't have a shot IMO.

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