Bob Sturm: Jerry Jones is the Stephen A Smith of NFL Executives

I was listening to Dallas sports radio host and writer for the Athletic Bob Sturm this afternoon and he was openly disgusted with the amount of talking Jerry Jones does weekly that ends up undermining the team.

In fact, Sturm went on to say that Jerry has basically become the Stephen A Smith of NFL executives. Jerry is on TV or radio a minimum of 4-5 times each week and his blustering, provocative and stupid comments are more like a carnival barker than a GM. He doesn’t even know the names of his players. It’s like Stephen A does- just try to be outrageous enough to get people to look and pay attention. It’s glorified click bait.

No other GM or sports owner does this. None of them hold pressers in the locker room after each game. Zero. Nada. He has 2 radio shows each week, has a pre-game interview before each game and a post game press conference after each game. And this morning through in an impromptu presser after his two previous radio shows earlier this week.

Why should anyone care? The only reason I care is all his stupid drivel undermines his head coach, his players and makes this team more like a circus than a real football team. The Dallas Cowboys players and coaches not only have to beat the opposing team, they have to overcome the absurdity of their owner/GM/president/hot dog selector and whatever other titles he holds.

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