Is this Cowboys most talented team this era?

I ask this because it appears our hopes have elevated to its highest level this era.

We have had some #1 seeds like in 2007 and 2016. But I don’t recall this type of vibe as we are having now with these lofty expectations .

Back then like in 2007 it was Romo’s first full season and Phillips debut coaching here. And in 2016 was Prescotts rookie year.

This year feels different. McCarthy is in his 3rd season here and Prescott in his 7th season. And we finally have a legit defense in what appears to have been our biggest weakness throughout this era when it was our offenses which carried us to much of what success we had.

Big difference in comparison though is we will not likely be a #1 seed. And probably be a Wild Card needing to win all of our playoff games on the road. How much effect does this have. And what impact should this have on our lofty expectations.

And if we don’t have any more success by reaching our first championship game this era with what many see as our most talented team , will this be the most disappointing season?

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