Cowboys surpassed expectations in 2022

I’m not sure why Cowboy fans are so distraught over this seasons results. The over/ under was 10 1/2 wins . We surpassed those expectations. And we won our 1st playoff game on the road since 1992.

Most analysts had us struggling to make a playoff spot with so many unknowns after making several Cap moves in off season and the uncertainty of our OL.

There was hope that our defense could continue emerging under Dan after an impressive first year with Defensive Rookie of the year Micah Parsons.

And then with the preseason injury to Tyron just a couple weeks before regular season as then Daks injury in Week 1 most felt the season was over. All the while the Egirls were expected to make a surge after their draft which brought several top picks in while expecting Hurts to continue improving on his Rookie playoff season to compliment a top 5 defense .

What we didn’t expect was our backup QB to hold our team up from collapsing . And our defense emerged more than expected keeping our season alive .

What we also didn’t expect is former NFC powers to be down like LA, GB and TB which elevated the Cowboys from 5th-7th best in NFC to 3rd or 4th best.

I’d argue we surpassed expectations this season. But too many fans get too hyped up during the season buying in to the media hoopla. Shoot, I was impressed we probably had the 3rd best team in NFC. And that’s with a dysfunctional ownership, over hyped QB and not enough talent at key positions on offense .

This seasons upswing can be credited to an emerging defense and a backup QB which kept the season alive while Prescott was out. In years past our season would have been over in October.

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