Getting back to being road warriors

I was surprised to learn that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a road playoff game in nearly 30 years. In the 1992 season, on Jan. 17, 1993, we beat the 49ers in SF in that great NFC championship game to get us to SB 27. Unbelievably-that was our last road playoff win!!!

Here’s the narrative that MUST change: The Cowboys are 0-8 on the road in the playoffs since 1993. Hard to believe but we haven’t won on the road in the playoffs since Jimmy stood on a chair in the post game locker room at SF in Jan ‘93 and screamed, “How about them Cowboys!” This year, unless the eagles collapse – and they could- we look to be a #5 seed, meaning we better become road warriors!

The Cowboys used to be road warriors. Especially from 1970-80.

  • From 1970-80 the Cowboys won 7 road playoff games, 3 of those wins were in NFC championship games.
  • The Cowboys road playoff record in those 11 seasons was 7-2.

Winning road playoff games is the mark of a great team. The way this season is shaping up, if the Cowboys are going to make any noise in the playoffs it will probably be on the road. Time to be road warriors again!

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